About Me

This is a blog of my somewhat exciting, mildly entertaining life stuff. I consider it a space for me to hone my writing craft, so I therefore encourage (constructive) criticism in the comments. What do you like or not like about a post? What can I do to make this blog better? Do you see any sentences that don’t flow with paragraphs/paragraphs that don’t fit within their posts? I don’t see a point to doing anything if I’m not trying to get better at it. I’m still trying to find the most comfortable and wifi-efficient place in which to watch Netflix.

In addition to being a blogger, I’m also a cautious adventurer, detail-oriented list maker, slow runner, awkward dancer, novice hiker/backpacker, binge Netflix watcher, avid reader, hopeless Cleveland Indians follower, professional napper, obsessive Snapchatter, and passionate postcard sender (and receiver – hint hint).

I’m really good at remembering birthdays, finding change on the ground, packing lightly, and quoting shows my friends haven’t seen.

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